Growing Veges from Veges

I have been reading a lot lately about growing fruit and vegetables from fruit and vegetables that you already have.  So I decided to give it a go.  I am only just starting my vege gardens now so I thought what better way to start than by using what I’ve already got.

Growing fruit and vege from existing fruit and vege is really quite easy, although some are easier than others.  Celery for example, is one of the easiest and so that is what I have started with.

To grow your own celery:

  1. Cut your celery about one to two inches from the bottom. Use the stems like normal (I used mine to make stock but that’s for another post)
  2.  Submerge this in water and let it grow. After about a week you will end up with something that looks like this…..3.  You will also start to see some roots growing…..4.  Plant this in your garden covering the old stalks with soil, leaving just the new shoots above the ground.  Don’t forget to water regularly.

It’s really that simple.  It’s also a great project for the kids to do.  The celery actually starts to sprout new shoots with days of putting it in water so the kids can see it growing.  My three year old is fascinated by the celery and is really loving helping Mum grow things in the garden.

I also have a sweet potato sitting in water that i plan to plant into my garden as well.  Once I have that in I will post some photos of that too.  As my celery grows I will also post photos to show you it’s progress.


4 responses to this post.

  1. One of the first gardening experiments I ever tried was regrowing carrot tops. I have been doing it recently and although you can’t regrow the taproot, I have several carrot flowers I am carefully watching in order to harvest the seeds. They were organic heritage carrots, so although I’m not quite regrowing food from food, it’s pretty close. You can also grow spring onions this way I believe,
    Looking forward to seeing your celery progressing too.


  2. I love the idea of growing sweet potatoes from bits. I love sweet potato! I guess we must be somewhat like New Zealand in temperature so hopefully we can grow them here. I am going to have a go this year at growing them 🙂


    • Na, sweet potato don’t do frost and they need a longer growing season than cold or even temperate climate. I’m gonna try growing them in my greenhouse in my old bathtub next year though. Might be enough.


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