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The environment is something I have always been conscious of, however I’ve never really seriously thought about how big my carbon footprint is.  Until now that is.  Over the past few months I have been following the blog of a very good friend of mine, Rabid Little Hippy(aka Jessie).  Jessie and her family are in the process of making a tree change to country Victoria and becoming as self sustainable as possible.  Jessie has inspired me more than she knows, to take a serious look at my life and the impact it is having on the environment.

Most of the blogs and websites that I have come across are all about going green and self sustainability in cooler climates.  Living in tropical North Queensland, the climate is dramatically different and poses some difficulty in growing produce.  I have been doing a lot of research into growing in the tropics and have discovered it can be done, you just have to know what to grow when.

So here begins my journey into environmentally friendly living and self sustainability in a tropical environment.


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  1. Welcome to the green side. 😀 I look forward to following your journey.


  2. Hididdleyho from WAY down south in northern Tasmania. I come in peace! Sent by Rabid little hippy to check out your wonderful albeit tender blog and share the permaculture sustainable love around :). Cheers for the heads up on her real name by the way. I thought she really WAS called Rabid…I think it suits her :). I secretly have a bucket list. Not that I have seen the movie BUT I like the idea. Right up there with some of the top items is to head to tropical north Queensland and lay in a hammock and eat my not inconsiderable weights worth of tropical fruit in season. After my poor bowels recovered I could head back down to Tasmania and be satisfied that my life (and my intestines) was healthier for the journey 🙂 Steve (long suffering expat U.K. husband) and I started our journey into sustainability via horticulture back in 2009 and as there wasn’t anyone to stifle our planty passions (nothing like having 2 zealots bouncing off each other to result in a plant population explosion) we went viral and suddenly slid sideways into permaculture and all things sustainable. This happened because we inherited 4 weedy overgrown jungalistic acres of property from my hermity dad when he died and instead of selling up and moving away we decided to stay and do what we could for this poor property on the river. The more we apply what we have learned and what we are constantly researching and finding out online, the better the soil becomes… the happier our plants are and the more amazing our life becomes. I love sharing the love around and hope you don’t mind me shoving your beautiful well balanced blog into my rss feed reader right between “These Light Footsteps” and “Turning Veganese” (Yeh… you have attracted one of “those” types of hippy ;). Steve and I are penniless middle aged student hippies and spend our days finding ways to facilitate what we want to do on our property with little to no money. The moth eaten sock under the bed appears to have developed a hole in it and one of our Amstaffs must have eaten what little cash we had left so its all about inovation, using what we have and finding ways laterally to give us what we want. Its a great adventure! Check in anytime you want to visit. We will probably be bums up in the garden or sitting at the computer finishing off one of our design units for our studies BUT we have good tea and coffee and there is always something tasty in the biscuit barrel for friends :). Welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂


    • Hmmm…..maybe I wasn’t supposed to share her real name. Sorry Rabid!

      I am jealous of your four acres. I have a measly little 600m sq block in the city. I would love to move to acerage but it’s not an option for us at the moment. It’s in our plan though.

      Thanks for checking out my blog, i will be sure to check out yours. Hope you enjoy reading….


      • A measly little 600m sq block in the city in a tropical climate is like 4 acres in the Tasmanian north ;). Now I know her name it’s like rumplestiltskin… she will have to give me the gold! 😉

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