A little something about Christmas

Since Christmas is less than 2 months away, this is just a little something that I wanted to share with my fans and give you something to think about.


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  1. Not gonna get much more local than home grown hey. 😀 Well, that’s the plan at least. And I totally and heartily agree. Christmas never used to be about the commercialism it has become. Keep it local for sure!


  2. I am so with you on this one! Steve and I have decided to give our services to a local free Christmas meal event on Christmas day. We are so OVER commercialisation of Christmas and will be celebrating with a simple meal with home grown salad and home made locally sourced ingredients. The real meaning of our celebrations is totally lost in the mad race to outspend each other and the world can’t afford those kind of February credit headaches. Cheers for another great post 🙂


    • I totally agree with you about the meaning of Christmas being lost. My husbands family go way over the top with food and presents and it gives me the ……. oh don’t get be started. I love your plans for Christmas by the way. Maybe when hubby and I are on our own it’s something we could consider. In the mean time we have a three year old who is getting very excited about Santa coming (a very not-over-the-top Santa). lol


      • lol Santa is for kids and they certainly deserve the magic of Christmas :). My mum hijacked us last Christmas. It was going to be our very first non commercial Christmas and my sister bought her a plane ticket from W.A. and she arrived and promptly went nuts…we were left reeling in her wake and were more than a little miffed at the groaning Christmas table and the incredible over consumption of it all. We let her have her Christmas though with good grace and she must have had a great time as she told EVERYONE it was her best Christmas ever. She died on January 7 after only a couple of weeks back on W.A. soil and I am SO glad that she got her final Christmas just how she wanted it BUT this one is ours. 🙂

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