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I was trolling Facebook this morning and I found some interesting things that I thought I would share because I know that some of my followers don’t have Facebook accounts.

The first is a Christmas one.  Christmas is fast approaching.  Lots of people tend to go overboard when it comes to buying kids Christmas presents.  I have never really been one to go too over the top when it comes to buying presents for my daughter and niece’s and nephew’s but there are some family members that do.  I found this pic on Facebook this morning and I think it’s an excellent philosophy to use when buying presents.  I know that most of my family have already bought presents for this Christmas but I am going to suggest that we all use ‘The Four Gift Rule’ when purchasing presents for next Christmas.

The other thing I found that I really wanted to share is this graphic on the percentage of genetically modified crops that each country produces.  Australia is down there as one of the lowest but when I saw the USA’s percentage I was shocked.  What do you think?


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  1. I know I just did a double take seeing that figure for the USA. Brazil and Argentina are pretty bad too. I suspect India’s main GMO crop is cotton and I am pretty sure they’ve just banned it so reckon that figure will drop soon.
    Just having a look though, it’s not percentages, but million hectares. So, America has 66.8 million hectares of GMO crops. That’s still vulgar. It does mean though that the Philippines, a small archipelago who have 0.3 are more GMO than first glance. 😦

    As for Xmas, we’ve tried to do digital gifts for my nephews but as there is no paper to rip off the idea has been turned down. Looks like I’m shipping in things from the UK and USA for them as per request. 😦


  2. I think that 0.7 is STILL too high!


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