It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The first of December, I think, would have to be my most favourite day of December.  I think I like it even more than Christmas day itself.  Mainly due to the fact that certain members of my extended family go way over the top with presents and food.  It has always annoyed me as I’ve always seen it as a waste, but even more so since I started my hippy journey.

My husband has a rule that NO Christmas decorations can be put up until 1st December under any circumstances.  So given that he worked all day today (5.30am until 4pm), Miss 3 and I had to wait all day before we could start the decorating.  On the up side, I was able to use it as a bribe for good behaviour all day.  It worked a treat.  Infact, she kept saying to me all day “I’m being a good girl aren’t I mummy?”DSCF3814

Needless to say, once Daddy got home, we spent the next hour or so listening to Christmas Carols and decorating the lounge room.









I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the country but up here decorating the outside of the house with Christmas lights is the done thing.  Of course that poses a problem for me this year, what with my new found hippiness.  I was VERY excited the other day to find solar powered Christmas lights.  I also managed to pick up some more this morning.  Now, not all of the lights on my house are solar powered, but given that we have solar electricity, I’m pretty sure that counteracts the fact that my lights are not solar.  I must apologise for the fuzziness of this photo but for some reason it was the best I could get and I really wanted to share my lights with you.


Our Christmas lights


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  1. Love it! I’m looking at some solar LED lights for our tree too, although I’ve never been one to decorate the outside of the house. I do love seeing decorated homes though and have done the drive by to view them before too. I think yours looks lovely.
    We won’t be putting up any decorations for at least a week, maybe 2 here so Christmas will be short and sweet for us. I do love the carols though. In fact it’s the only part of shopping around Christmas time that I enjoy. And yes, I sing along in the supermarket (you already knew I was weird).
    I bet you that the Hippy Daddy got bombarded to decorate the minute he arrived home too. Does look like you all had a lot of fun though.


  2. I wonder if that would work with Earl (our youngest American Staffy dog…)…”You can’t eat the Christmas tree till Steve gets home Earl ok? Maybe it would last longer than about an hour? ;). For some reason no-one in our area puts up lights. Admittedly we are in the middle of the bush BUT you think that someone would put in an effort. We decided that when we moved in we WERE going to put in an effort and we have lights along our decking and little lights in the windows for lonely night time fishermen to see. I must admit our lights are not solar and we don’t have solar power but I would like to think that despite our waste of fossil fuel, some solo fisherman out there is warming the cockles of his heard and using our little lights as a beacon to find his way home…I know…lame…BUT I can be nostalgic and lame and twee to my hearts content…it’s almost Christmas! 😉


  3. Oh I just discovered your blog – think we garden in the same sort of climate.


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