The heat of it

Today is one of those days in North Queensland where you get out the shower, dry yourself and your still wet.  You walk from the car to your front door and your dripping with sweat.  You don’t even think about drinking coffee because it’s just too hot.  In fact, you think twice about even going outside.  At 8am this morning it was already 30 degrees.  The overnight temperature didn’t drop below 27 degrees.  Right now outside it’s 32 degrees but it feels a lot hotter than that.  When I checked on the internet, it said the current temperature was 32 degrees but the apparent temperature (or feels like temperature) is 34 degrees.

These hot temperatures make it difficult to get out into the garden because it’s just too hot.  On the upside though, the heat and humidity has been great for my sweat potatoes who have only been in the ground for four weeks but are growing beautifully.

Day one - 1st November

Day one – 1st November

Sweet potatoes 4 weeks after planting

Sweet potatoes 4 weeks after planting


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  1. How appropriate, sweat potatoes. 😉 Yeah, the days we hate, the gardens seem to love; hot and humid, raining, . The weeds do too sadly. Just wondering how sweet potatoes go with mulching? Sugarcane mulch would be well local for you too. No carbon mileage. 🙂 It would help keep in the moisture and keep down any evaporation.
    It’s cold down here again. it’s 17C here but 47% humidity with an apparent temp of 12C. It’s windy though and the wind is cold. Still and all, wouldn’t swap you! 😛


  2. We do! Out of all of us Rabid has the most unpredictable weather of all :). We got some rain yesterday which was wonderful but we get a very long dry summer. It might not get up to the 30’s much BUT the dry makes it feel like it does and when it is up there in the high20’s and early 30’s the humidity is horrible. If it makes it up to about 32 it feels like 44 in W.A.! I am left basking on the bathroom tiles like a walrus and shoving the dogs off my territory. Well done on the sweet potatoes (or sweat potatoes…either way they are growing well!). I am going to give kumara a go next year as if they grow in N.Z. why wouldn’t they grow well here?! Sorry about your heat but thems the breaks for living in Queensland eh 😦 a bit like our extended cold and tiny growing season here…I think I would prefer having to rug up more than having to bask nude and whale like where the poor neighbours would have to see me though…at least jail is air conditioned (isn’t it? 😉 )


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